Oblique Projects

An interdisciplinary media practice exploring
the space between film and architecture.


Architectural Narratives
Aerial Imaging

Located in Brooklyn, NY

About Oblique Projects


Silo City 35mm

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Venice Biennale 2023

Oblique Projects presents 5 films for STUDIO V Architecture's exhibition On Edge at Palazzo Mora in Venice Italy.  

Five projects, each with four screens, performing investigations into the reinvention of the contemporary city. The exhibition runs from May 20th to November 26, 2023.  


Emerging Waterfronts, Cityscape Ecologies, Restaurants, Ruins.

Film produced with a human perspective, for the empathetic capture of human spaces. A synthesis of perceptions and observations based on movement through, or time spent within a place. Visual moments that would catch an eye and tell a story naturally, in an architecture, the park, the sidewalk. 

Architectural Narratives

Narratives of events in motion, initiatives being realized, consolidation of myth.

Stories of architecture told as they’re happening and developing in real time. Working with architects and developers to capture their incredible work shaping the built environment. Oblique Projects narrative films have been presented for winning designs at the World Architecture Festival, as well as receiving the runner-up award for the American Institute of Architects Film 2020 Challenge. 

Aerial Imaging

Unique visualizations of scale, movement, and environment from the air. 

Film produced as a foil to the human perspective, fully realizing architecture within its greater context. Techniques to preform early-stage site analysis, simulated interior views at different elevations, render matching, and photogrammetric scanning. Used throughout Oblique Projects Cinematography and Architectural Narratives.